Yellow Jacket Dryland Vineyard

Get To Know Us


Yellow Jacket Vineyard is a one-acre vineyard that is maintained by Jerry Fetterman and Jean Ann Mercer and their friends.  Despite the availability of irrigation water in this semi-arid environment, Jerry and Jean Ann, continue to grow their vines without added water.  The vineyard currently is mostly composed of vines from the hybrid, Baco Noir.  This hybrid was created in 1902 by a frenchman named Francois Baco
It was created out of folle blanche (the grape used for the brandies made in the Cognac and Armagnac districts) and an unknown American wild red variety.  It is resistent to phylloxera and can handle frosts up to -20 degrees.  Most importantly with the abundant sunshine in southwestern Colorado the vines produce grapes which are rich in flavor and color.
​The grapes are harvested in late September - early October when the Brixs (sugar content) are 23 or above.    They are taken to Guy Drew Winery for processing and vinting into a lucious tasting wine

Baco Noir - Nectar of the Earth