Yellow Jacket Dryland Vineyard


Yellow Jacket Dryland Vineyard

The highest vineyard in the nation!
6850 feet (2088m) above sea level

Yellow Jacket Dryland Vineyard is situated in southwestern Colorado between the mountains and the desert.  Located on a loess covered mesa at 6850' the vineyard is believed to be the highest commercial vineyard in the nation.  The climate is semi-arid with annual moisture of 12 - 18 inches a year, arriving mostly as winter snow.

Why Dryland?  One word explains it best  -- TERROIR.  The grapes produced by our vines have enormous flavor. This rich flavor is in part a result of the plants having to get their water deep in the ground.

We use organic farming techniques practiced by the homesteaders who came to the area 100 years ago and the Anasazi people who made this area their home from AD 500 - 1300.